Six Easy Ways to Save!

Nobody wants to start their marriage out with wedding debt. It’s important to save cash for your wedding so you aren’t stressed afterwards. Here are a few ways that we love saving money all the time but can definitely make a difference when you are on a budget!

Ibotta – Get rebates on groceries, personal care, online shopping, etc. This only works if you are buying stuff you would normally buy though! Don’t buy stuff just because it’s on the list. Often times you can pair the rebate with a coupon and save even more money! Once you’ve claimed $20 in rebates you can get gift cards or cash deposited to your Paypal or Venmo account! Sign up with the link to earn $10!

Mypoints – If you shop online a lot (who doesn’t now-a-days!) then you should check out Mypoints. By going through their website you can earn points on everyday purchases, clipping coupons, donating to charities and more! Points can be redeemed for gift cards starting at just 480 points!

Television – Turn off the cable and pay for subscription services instead. Hulu, Netflix, etc. are taking over the Television scene, if you haven’t made the switch from cable than you are living in the past!

Eating out – just don’t do it! Instead have Date Nights In, make dinner together, grab a bottle of wine and watch a movie. This will pretty much become your life after your wedding anyways so stop splurging and start saving!

Been to the gym lately? – If you haven’t used a monthly subscription in over 3 months consider cancelling it at least until after the wedding. There will always be another deal to sign up, so keeping your “low price” isn’t really worth it.

Trade services! – Perhaps you know a person who makes beautiful cakes, ask them how you can trade them for a wedding cake instead of paying cash. Some ideas… yard work, baby sitting, detailing their cars, house sitting, etc. What can you offer that will make it worth their time?


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