Adventures in Waxing – Part 1

Today I got my very first waxing, and I did the whole shebang! Full legs, Brazilian (Yikes!) and Eyebrows! It was a lot to take on for my first time but I think well worth it.

The lovely ladies at Wax It in Grand Junction were very helpful and full of information. More to come on the wax and their services but I wanted to mention a new product that they offer which is perfect for Wedding Days.

Brow Filler. A lot of you may use a pencil to fill in your brows but their product is a powder. It fills in your brow very nicely and is PERFECT for engagement or wedding day photography.

I’m not a brow person but had them try it on me anyways and loved the result! It comes in 3 different colors and they tend to use whatever shade is lighter. They used the blonde on me. What do you think?





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