Grand Junction Flower Shop

We got to meet up with Kimberly at the Grand Junction Flower Shop the other day, and we were not disappointed in the conversation, atmosphere or products!

Kimberly  opened the Grand Junction Flower Shop less than 1 year ago! She’s already had an amazing year and is looking forward to what this year has to come!

What we love: Besides the smell of fresh flowers which never gets old, Kimberly recognizes the want and need for inexpensive floral arrangements. Now a days, flowers seem to be more of a luxury than a staple, but sometimes you need to have flowers!

Kimberly works with her brides to give them discounted floral arrangements if they want to come in and help put them together! Wow! She also sells local handmade items in her store, which helps out smaller businesses and keeps money in he Grand Valley! 

Kimberly is beyond a business owner, she has a passion for what she does and loves working with people. Pop in and check out the shop and say hi.


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