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A Very Green Wedding Theme!

Pantone’s Color of the year for 2017 is Greenery (Pantone 15-0343). What better way to kick off 2017 then with a gorgeous green wedding shoot in Colorado’s Western Slope! Check out some of these gorgeous photos taken by Above Alpine Photography for some wedding inspiration!

Jewel tones are perfect for setting a romantic and luxurious wedding vibe…

Paired with several natural textures such as moss, wood, and metals, making a scene to be remembered…

Geode Cake by Simply Cakes by Camberly
Floral Arrangement by Bride & Bloom Design Company

Considering Colorado for an amazing place to get married? Colorado’s Western Slope offers Ski Resorts, Rocky Mountains, Wineries, High Desert, Rivers, Barns, and so much more!



Gorgeous Model…Fresh Snow…and a Wolf!

What happens when you have a gorgeous model, fresh snow, and a wolf in Colorado’s High Desert? Epic happens…Epic!

Our gorgeous model with “Max” the wolf!

What do you think about when considering Colorado for an amazing place to get married? Ski Resorts and Pine Trees? Rocky Mountains and Coors!

All great things, but Colorado has so much more to offer, from high deserts, to wineries, to rivers, to barns!

Floral headpiece by Bride and Bloom Design Irish Wool Blanket provided by Hitched In GJ

Check out some of these amazing shots taken in Glade Park, CO after a snow storm with our special guest “Max” the wolf.

Bouquet provided by Bride and Bloom Design Company

The high desert, mountain air was clear and crisp while eagles soared over head.

Gorgeous High Desert setting after a snow storm! Headpiece provided by Victoria Rose Bridal

The Colorado National Monument has gorgeous landscapes and views all year round. Come to Western Colorado to find the perfect site for your wedding.

Lillian West Gown provided by Victoria Rose Bridal


Photographer: Breelle Hilsenrath Photography
Lilian West Gown and jewelry headpiece: Victoria Rose Bridal
Floral bouquet and floral headpiece: Bride and Bloom Design
Model: Nicole Moore
Hair and Makeup: True Beauty by Denise
A Special Thanks to our friends Tom and Jenny for letting us use their beautiful property and their amazing wolf!

Looking to do your own epic photo shoot? Contact us to help you set it up.



Building a customer profile on our website

Behind the Scenes – Building a Vendor Profile

Just for fun we thought we’d give you some behind the scenes of how we build profiles for Hitched In GJ’s vendor listings. It’s mostly just nerdy stuff with some poorly made Dubstep music done by me (michael murphy – Graphic Designer) using GarageBand on my iPhone. Give it a watch and enjoy the super sick beats. 🙂



DIY Wedding Napkins!

DIY Napkin

I think most of us love the idea of doing some sort of DIY at your own wedding. Of course the idea of DIY is to save money, but it will not save time. I have a simple little DIY craft that anyone can do as long as you have access to a sewing machine (and we all know someone who has a sewing machine!)

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric: if you are making 100 10×10 square napkins (I made rectangles but do whatever you want!) you will need approximately 30 yards of fabric. (Whoa, that sounds like a lot! But if you aren’t that picky about the pattern you can find clearance fabrics. Also, make sure you always use a coupon if buying from JoAnns or Hobby Lobby).
  • Thread: One-two spools of whatever color you want
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

What you need!

I’m not a fan of measuring over and over again, which is why this project is perfect because it’s meant to look rustic. So you may measure your first one and then eyeball it from then on. You can do whatever size napkins you want, or all different sizes, just make sure you have enough fabric.

Measure and cut your fabric to whatever size you want. Use the Zig-Zag function on the sewing machine and sew all 4 sides. That’s it…you’re done, Finito! Once you’ve made them all, throw them in the washer and dryer. Then you can trim off the excess strings and use them however you’d like.


What’s nice is that they are reusable so you can bring them home, wash them and use them for your everyday napkins too!




Wedding Day Splurge!

Planning a wedding is tough. There are so many elements that are sort of a must. Dress, venue, officiant… but what about the thing you want but don’t necessarily need? If I was to get married again my splurge would absolutely be a videographer! Now a days there are so many beautiful elements to a wedding that sometimes it’s hard to capture it only in photos. The emotions, the fun, the spontaneity. Check out some of these amazing wedding videos by local videographers. It may be a little pricey, but the payoff is worth it! Save for an extra couple months and get your wedding day splurge whether it’s a videographer, an open bar, a horse and carriage or whatever it may be!

Jami Davis – Jami Davis Films

Additional vendors: Photography – Cat Mayer Studio  // Venue – Two Rivers Winery // DJ – DJ Ryan Griz
Additional Videos – Jami Davis Films

Laurie Purcell – Past to Present Imaging

Additional Vendors: Venue – Montrose Bridges
Additional Videos: Past to Present Imaging





Plan your Wedding around Grand Junction Events

welcome to colorful Colorado roadside wooden sign with red sandstone cliff in background

If you aren’t set on having a particular date, try to plan your wedding around events in the Grand Valley.  You may want to avoid such times if all of your guests are local but it may be beneficial for those traveling from out of town to be able to enjoy some of what Grand Junction and the Western Slope has to offer. Let them make a vacation out of it instead of just a quick trip.

Here are some Local events that will make a lasting impression on your out of town guests:

  • February – Taste of the Grand Valley
  • April – Viva el Vino,  Fruita Fat Tire Festival
  • May – JUCO, Art & Music Festival,  Spring Barrel Tasting
  • June – JUCO, Country Jam, Palisade Bluegrass and Roots Music Festival, Mike the Headless Chicken Festival,
  • July – Mesa County Fair, Colorado Lavendar Festival
  • August – Olathe Sweet Corn Festival, Palisade Peach Festival
  • September – Pork & Hops, Colorado Mountain Winefest, Fruita Fall Festival
  • December – Winter Festival, Parade of Lights

Other Events that your guests will enjoy!

More of What’s Happening in the Grand Valley



Who’s Paying for Your Wedding?

We now live in a day where these things are not as clear as they used to be…dowry’s are a thing of the past (and good riddance!) So how do you ask your family if they will/can pitch in for your Big Day?

Some family’s plan for this and are forthcoming with what they will provide. When I got married my family handed me an amount of cash to do whatever I wanted with, whether it was for the wedding, honeymoon, down payment on a house. They did the same with my brothers. We all got the same amount, we all had the same choices.

Some families don’t have the means to plan that far ahead and this can be a big stress on them. Families typically want  to help but may be unable to. In these cases we suggest that you let them pay for one thing, whether it be the dress, the cake, the flowers, etc. This will help them be able to contribute and be involved but also not make them stress so much about having to pay for a whole wedding.

How to ask…money is a touchy subject for everyone, whether you are sitting on a pile of gold or a pile of debt. It will always be a hard conversation to start, here are some of our suggestions.

  • Make sure you sit down with your fiance beforehand to know what each of your expectations for the wedding are. Big or small, lavish or simple, local or destination? This will help you set a loose budget before speaking with your families.
  • Invite your family over for dinner, we suggest not doing both sides of family at the same time because that could get awkward or competitive. Try not to beat around the bush and simply ask “Are you comfortable making a contribution to our wedding?” This will open up the conversation.
  • Don’t ever make your families feel guilty. If your fiances family can give more, don’t throw that in your own families face.
  • If your families want to help out, make sure that they aren’t trying to take control. This is your wedding after all. If they begin making demands (making you invite your Great Aunt Ethel perhaps) then maybe it’s not worth taking their gift.
  • Make sure that this is not a loan, but rather a gift. If your families will hold this “gift” over your head then don’t take it.

Remember, this is your wedding, it’s supposed to be a celebration of your love for one another, not a celebration of money.

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